your knowledge, skills and products
into credible propositions



The test of whether a proposition is true or false is to ask that it be demonstrated in your own experience. If it can’t be, then it’s a theory or speculative statement or belief.

This is your protection against being mislead or manipulated. You cannot rely on something sounding true, you have to know it’s true. If you’re asked to believe or accept an idea on the basis of trust, then you’re leaving yourself open to manipulation and confusion.

Propositions based on hype and false claims may gain short-term attention, but will always backfire, reduce credibility and be difficult to recover from.

Your credibility stands on how well you present and demonstrate the ideas stemming from your knowledge, skills and products.

People often think of their marketing in terms of applications such as websites, email marketing, brochures and videos. They are important, but they are containers for your message.

It’s what goes in the container that counts – the way the message is formulated and delivered through the careful crafting of words and images into credible propositions. This is what we’re about.

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