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knowledge and skills marketing
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transforming your knowledge and skills
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copywriting and content strategy

how to test if a proposition is true or false

To test if a proposition is true or false, ask for it to be demonstrated in your own experience. If it can’t be, then it’s either a theory, belief or speculative statement.

This is your protection against being mislead or manipulated. You cannot rely on something sounding true, you have to know it’s true. If you’re asked to believe or accept an idea on the basis of trust, then you’re leaving yourself open to manipulation and confusion.

Propositions based on hype and false claims may gain short-term attention, but will always backfire, reduce credibility and be difficult to recover from.

Your credibility stands on how well you present and demonstrate the ideas stemming from your knowledge, skills and products.

People often think of their marketing in terms of applications such as websites, email marketing, brochures and videos. They are important, but they are content containers for your message.

What counts is the way your message is formulated and delivered through careful crafting of words and images into credible propositions. This is what strategic messaging is about.

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learn why your knowledge is your 
greatest asset

It’s important because everyone in business is looking for a unique selling proposition (USP). Once you realise the unique accumulative experiences of your team you can tap into this knowledge resource to build your team/company capability profile.

Your knowledge cannot be transferred to anyone or downloaded from the web. It has to be earned by living out the circumstances of your life. The prize is wisdom. Watch video.

words and images crafted into targeted content


Copywriting is the art of creating engaging messages, which generate  favourable outcomes.

Good copywriting builds rapport with the reader and uses a friendly voice and conversational style. This oils the works and allows important ideas and facts to flow smoothly.

Flow is everything. It establishes pace and the sequence of ideas, so products and services are illustrated as solutions to problems.

Sincerity and honesty are key to success. Outlandish claims and exaggerated benefits arouse suspicion and weaken your credibility. So avoid making claims you cannot deliver. Read more

email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to turn prospects into clients. It’s quick and cost-effective.

There are several items you need to set-up first and they all work together. These include:

✓ Your email list
✓ Email marketing platform
✓ Type of message: useful tips, news, reviews and special offers
✓ Free downloads
✓ Landing page
✓ Opt-in form

Your email list

Building your list is an ongoing process and there are many ways to… Read more

lead generation

Lead generation is the ongoing activity of creating relevant inquiries.

The art of lead generation is in being a good listener, showing genuine interest and concern for others people’s problems. 

This fuels the creative process, which generates campaign ideas and inquiries.

Automation and tracking technologies play an important role in maximising efficiency and monitoring results for the sales and marketing team.

Lead generating activities usually fall into three groups:

1. Information marketing

This is about demonstrating… Read more

linkedin profile marketing

Convert your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating marketing hub.

The LinkedIn profile template was originally created for professionals seeking career opportunities. But if you’re a small business owner wanting to generate new business leads you’ll need to modify the template.

You might say, what about company pages? They work well for medium to large businesses, especially those with big product ranges. But the personal profile is better suited to the small business owner offering services based on their own expertise. Read more

professional services marketing

Professional services marketing is concerned with telling people why they should use your services over anyone else’s. 

Success depends on demonstrating your insights into problems and offering better ways of improving business performance.

The key to developing your services is tapping into your knowledge and skills and those of your colleagues. This is not easy as many people are tempted to use industry marketing spiel based on what they’ve heard and read. 

This leads to… Read more

product marketing

Product marketing embraces all activities concerned with bringing your product to market. These include product naming, visual identity design, proposition messaging, email marketing and product launch campaigns.

Product benefits are usually the main marketing driver, but other factors such as reputation, innovation, team members and after-sales service are equally important in selling the difference.

Discover your hidden assets

Traditional marketing rarely considers information beyond… Read more

screencast videos

Screencast videos offer a quick and memorable way of communicating ideas.

It could be a new business proposal, a scientific, engineering or financial principle.

Unlike conventional videos based on camera footage, screencast videos include photographs, diagrams and animations along with a scripted voiceover track.

Read more

website copywriting

Website copywriting is all about getting your message right and attracting the right audience. 

Website dynamics influence people’s behaviours and change the way they navigate through information. This makes it different to copywriting for print. 

People tend to dip into random pages rather than read sequentially, especially if they’ve arrived on a page via a search engine. They hopscotch around your website, clicking on headings, banners and blog articles.

The best approach to structuring your website content is… Read more

website design

Successful websites make a strong visual impact and have a clear message. 

This is best achieved when the words and images work as an integrated unit. 

Copywriting is the first process and involves all areas of formulating ideas and propositions to planning and writing your website. Read more about website copywriting.

Website content works best when designed around the user’s behaviour. 

People don’t read web pages sequentially. They hopscotch around, clicking on headings, banners… Read more

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