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francis newman

I’ve been creating successful marketing messages for over 30 years.

I love the challenge of crafting words and images into a unified message. Sometimes it’s to provoke a response or explain an idea. While there have been many changes in technology and usability, my work is essentially the same.

Projects can be grouped into two types

1. Explaining how something works, such as a scientific, management or financial process. This might be used in a product marketing campaign, training manual or explainer video.

2. Explaining product or service benefits and the difference they’ll make. This type of message is sales-driven and often uses a combination of tangible and intangible benefits.

Tangible benefits 

These include saving money, receiving cash-backs and discounts.

Intangible benefits

These are emotional states such as how people feel about wearing a new suite, owning a new car or going on a well-earned holiday.

Early days of print

In the early days, projects were printed publications such as product sales brochures, corporate capability brochures, mailers and sales letters.

Online marketing

Now, the media is online marketing. This includes writing and designing websites, email marketing campaigns and explainer videos.

While people’s behaviours change with new technology, their messages are essentially the same. Most websites are saying much the same thing as the brochures they replaced.

Getting your message right for your audience is the key driver behind all work.

Working with you

I encourage everyone I work with to use statements based on their own experience. This keeps the focus on delivering meaningful propositions, which sound credible and genuine.

Friendly voice

When you abandon the dehumanising jargon that is so common in management, finance and technology and write from your own experience, your propositions become clear, fresh and new. They have a reality that separates you from your peers.

There’s no such thing as business to business or business to consumer. In my experience it’s always people to people. Have you ever met a business without people? Have you ever met a consumer? When you use jargon you’re creating a psychological barrier between you and your audience.

In my experience, most people appreciate communication that is sincere, friendly and helpful.

Contact me now to discuss your next project.

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