francis newman

I enjoy doing things in a simple, straightforward manner and business is no exception.

You will not find any sales and marketing jargon on this website. Everything is explained clearly and based on my own experience.

Most people appreciate this no-nonsense approach and it’s a great way to build confidence and long-term relationships.

Straight-talking from the heart engages people and anecdotes play a big role in inspiring and entertaining people. This makes it much easier to get your ideas across.

I encourage clients to create messages based around their own experience. This keeps the message focus and content genuine and free from speculative theories and outcomes.

When you abandon the dehumanising jargon that is so common in management, finance and technology and write from your own experience, your propositions become clear, fresh and new. You give them a new lease of life that separates you from your peers.

There’s no such thing as business to business or business to consumer. In my experience it’s always people doing business with other people.

Have you ever met a business without people? Have you ever met a consumer? When you use jargon you’re creating a psychological barrier between you and your audience.

Remember, you’re always interacting with people at some level.

The important thing is to show empathy with people’s aspirations and concerns whatever their background.

Most people appreciate communication that is sincere, friendly and helpful. Yet I’m often surprised by the disparity between emails, websites and personal meetings. It’s as though you’re interacting with different entities.

You already have a voice, so use it consistently across all media.

I’ll help you identify the relevant areas of your expertise or product and formulate your proposition for your marketing campaign.

You can email me at: Francis @

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