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Successful websites make a strong visual impact and have a clear message. This is best achieved when the words and images work as an integrated unit.

Copywriting is the first process and involves all areas of formulating ideas and propositions to planning and writing your website. Read more about website copywriting.

Website content works best when designed around the user’s behaviour.

People don’t read web pages sequentially. They hopscotch around, clicking on headings, banners and blog articles.

Creating layers of information works best. Starting with overviews of products and services and drilling down into detailed layers with explanations, offers and downloadable content.

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Creating your capability message

The capability message is used by most businesses. It’s about demonstrating what you do and the difference you’ll make to business performance. It’s used in new business presentations, investment proposals and product launches.

The capability message is usually aspirational and benefit-driven in nature. And the best examples are sincere and credible.

Establishing your unique selling proposition or USP is a key aspect to success. It gives you a distinctive edge. It’s just a question of identifying the right qualities and expertise.

One of the best ways is tapping into your knowledge and skills. People often confuse knowledge with information. Knowledge is what you’ve acquired through your own experience. And your experience is unique to you. Information is what you’ve read or heard from someone else.

People naturally identify with those who have similar experiences — but no two people will experience life the same way or gain the same knowledge.

Two people can watch the same film, one says the film was fantastic, the other says it was rubbish. Learn more about knowledge and information.

Knowledge and skills are the basis of your capability message.

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