improve your mental clarity with daily practise of thought observation

improve your mental claritywith daily practise of thought observation By Francis Newman The purpose of this article is to help you increase your mental clarity and free yourself from the tyranny of incessant thinking. This requires the practice of observing your thoughts (cognitive looking) to regain the joy of ‘being,’ which is naturally yours. It’s […]

knowledge and skills marketing

knowledge and skills marketing Knowledge, information and chocolate cake   Knowledge is often used as an interchangeable term with information. This leads to confusion and misunderstanding, so here is an example to illustrate the difference: Let’s suppose you like chocolate cake and want to make it. A friend gives you a great recipe. The recipe […]

website design

website design creating visual and verbal messages that build rapport and responses Successful websites make a strong visual impact and have a clear message. This is best achieved when the words and images work as an integrated unit. Copywriting is the first process and involves all areas of formulating ideas and propositions to planning and writing […]

website copywriting – how to get your message right and attract the right audience

website copywriting how to get your message right and attract the right audience Website copywriting is all about getting your message right and attracting the right audience.  Website dynamics influence people’s behaviours and change the way they navigate through information. This makes it different to copywriting for print.  People tend to dip into random pages […]

generate more leads with a linkedIn marketing hub

generate more leads with a linkedin marketing hub By Francis Newman Convert your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating marketing hub. The LinkedIn profile template was originally created for professionals seeking career opportunities. But if you’re a small business owner wanting to generate new business leads you’ll need to modify the template. You might say, […]

email marketing

email marketing turning prospects into clients Why use email marketing? Email marketing is one of the best ways to turn prospects into clients. It’s quick and cost-effective. There are several components to consider and they all work together.These include: ✓ Your email list✓ Email marketing platform✓ Type of message: useful tips, news, reviews and special […]

content strategy and planning

content strategy and planning Content marketing process:   1.0 The creative process The creative process is concerned with the emergence of ideas resulting from discussions with the client. Ideas can arise immediately, but usually it occurs after a period of contemplation while walking, taking a shower or sitting quietly somewhere. 2.0 Message design Design is […]

professional services marketing

professional services marketing creating your game plan Professional services marketing is concerned with explaining why people should use your services over anyone else’s.  Success depends on demonstrating your insights into problems and offering better ways of improving business performance. The key to developing your services is tapping into your knowledge and skills and those of […]

product marketing

product marketingselling the difference Product marketing embraces all activities concerned with bringing your product to market. These include product naming, visual identity design, proposition messaging, email marketing and product launch campaigns. Product benefits are usually the main marketing driver, but other factors such as reputation, innovation, team members and after-sales service are equally important in selling […]

the art of lead generation

the art of lead generation Lead generation is the ongoing activity of creating relevant inquiries. The art of lead generation is in being a good listener, showing genuine interest and concern for others people’s problems. This fuels the creative process, which generates campaign ideas and inquiries. Automation and tracking technologies play an important role in […]